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About us and our product?

You can do it the hard way, or you can do it the FUN way. All it takes is just few minutes to add thousands of points to your account. Our amazing programming team has coded incredible free addmefast bot just for our users. It will add UNLIMITED points to your accounts 100% FREE. Whether you need Youtube, Facebook or Twitter we have you covered with up to 40,000 points per day 100% bot safe. These programs are yours FOR LIFE, add as many points as you wish. Yes, even MILLIONS! All you need to do is complete quick survey and bot will be yours forever free, no strings attached. It takes just few minutes and most of our surveys are 100% free, no questions asked. Very few will ask you for mobile phone number, however you will more than make up that cost with UNLIMITED addmefast points which you can use to make UNLIMITED PROFITS! All of our programs have been tested many times and have been found to be completely safe and secure to use. They are all guaranteed to work as they should, and they will not affect your account negatively or cause any other issues. We do not ask you for ANY sensitive information, we do not ask you for passwords. Our bots are all server based and they generate points directly via email address you put in.

Is it Free and How to get it ?

Nothing is free, but always cheap. Everything requires a favour in return. We've seen a lot of websites lock their content with Content Lockers / Surveys, so we accept that and we are doing the same thing right now. So it's not completely free in every country. However it is completely free for UK and US. Probably a few other countries but try out your luck. The payment to it will be the time you've spent to complete one offer if it does not require your mobile phone number for charges. These Mobile offers else called PIN offers are not free and you will be charged for $3-15 for one survey. Somewhere around and inbetween that amount. We appreciate your time and every survey you complete. Enjoy Tom Clancy's The Division, provided by us.

AddmeFastPoints.com latest news ?

We are extremely proud and excited to announce that we have corrected our tool , and now logs in on fresh proxies so this bot can never get banned or have you account closed, auto updates , so we hope you enjoy this free tool !

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